Our mission is simple…
Make YOU money and have fun together.

We specialize in affiliate marketing for online courses, e-books and other online products. You can join us on this amazing journey running campaigns and make money with us. 

AffilBest For Vendors

AffilBest is a professional affiliate network, which is looking for new opportunities in affiliate marketing. We have hundreds of affiliates ready to increase the revenue of our vendors for 10 – 50%.

We are a leading affiliate agency for e-learning in the Czech Republic, where we served our vendors with more than 350 000 leads (3 % of the Czech republic market share).

Renewable Comissions

Our intend is to have fair commisions for our affiliates and revenawble commisions are part of this.

High Margins

Promoting for 1% commission i snot motivating at all. In our affiliate network, there are at least 20% commissions.

Unfogettable Memories

We are professionals but we believe in good relationships with our vendors and affiliates. This is a guarantee of great experiences.

Our mission is simple. Make YOU money and have fun together.

If you have any project, e-learning site, are interested in affiliate marketing or you just simply want to ask us some question, do not hesitate to contact us – world@affilbest.com

AffilBest For Affiliates

Are you a successful affiliate, who is searching for an opportunity to make some money? Are you looking for high commissions? Are you looking for programs with high potential?

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We will help you with expansion on the global market

If you are from the Czech Republic or Slovakia and your e-learning project has potential for worldwide expansion, feel free to contact us – world@affilbest.com